The DACS program is provided to students K-12 in the homeschool community, public, private, and charter schools.

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We strive to create a unique and fun environment in which age appropriate financial topics can be explored, challenged, examined, and explained. Our priority is to make this accessible to all children.  With this unique and behavioral financial literacy curriculum we will be able to ensure that each child learns how money works, and how to make it work for them!


Welcome Homeschoolers

After a lot of demand to bring Dollars and Common Sense to the homeschooling community, it is going to become a reality. DACS is so thrilled to start working with children who are homeschooled. What makes this extra exciting is …
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The Year is Almost Over!

I would like to thank our participating schools for the 2013-2014 year: Brush Creek Elementary, Mars Hill Elementary, Hot Springs Elementary, Madison Middle, Asheville Middle and Madison High School. A lot of fun additions were added to the curriculum. A huge …
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Myth vs. Fact

Myth:  I pay cash for everything and don’t buy on credit or use credit cards, so my credit score should be excellent. Fact: Having no credit history, or never using credit, can actually hurt your score. Card issuers tend to …
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